How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

What to Expect

We make this happen by having couples arriving at 30 minute intervals throughout the day. The chapel is kept private so the actual ceremony is intimate for your family and friends only. 

Then your celebration melds into a group celebration. Previously married couples are already in the main room toasting, dancing, visiting with relatives, taking pictures, talking honeymoons and eating cake. Without a meal, groups tend to move out after an hour so that means about 3 - 4 groups are in reception mode at any one time. 

All of our Wedding Events include everything you need for a very special day. We do all the planning for you and provide everything you need for a legal wedding or a vow renewal in beautiful, decorated spaces. You just show up with your valid NC Marriage License (unless you are renewing) and we do the rest for you and your guests. 

  • CLICK HERE to go to 3 vow choices. Review as much as you want. You make final selection upon arrival.
  • See Step by Step Flow below for more details

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