Step by Step Flow

Step by Step Flow

Open this all the way up, you will want to know the whole process

Checking In

We will hand you a card where you will record a little information and some choices. There is a place to check off which themed vows you would like, and you will fill in your names and email and how you want to be pronounced (“Mr. and Mrs. Jones” or” The Joneses” or “Jason and Cindy Jones” etc) and name one contact person in your party not in the ceremony to handle staff contact.

3 types of ceremony services with vows to choose from full text link on "How it Works" tab

· A. God and Covenant mentioned

· B. Nature and Peace mentioned

· C. Pure Light and Love mentioned

Rings or no rings in ceremony

Vow renewal only – how long you’ve been together

*Vow renewal does not require a marriage license

Getting Ready

We have lockable bins for the brides’ belongings (bags, shoes, coat, etc.)but, we are not responsible for your items; we suggest leaving valuables in your locked car. Bring your own lock!

Restrooms with vanity and mirror in the ladies’ room - some venues have a special room. Just ask us.

Select your silk bouquet(s) and boutonnière(s) for the ceremony

When the bride or groom is ready, a staffer will ask your guests to move from the waiting area to the seated chapel area.

A staffer will bring the Bride to just outside the chapel. You will have a moment to get organized and the Minister will call your designated contact up to the front with the information card you picked up and filled out at the registration desk upon arrival.

Getting Married

The wedding entrance music will begin (Vivaldi – Spring), you enter and walk down the aisle, or you both walk down isle – however you want to walk down the aisle to the Minister. The Minister will begin your ceremony from the selection of wedding vows you chose.

After your pronouncement has been made ("by the powers vested in me..."), you turn to find an R&V photographer ready to snap a few pictures of you and your betrothed at the altar. Your party moves into the reception area, your witnesses sign the official document with the Minister.

Breathe. Stare into each other’s eyes.

The Shared Reception

Your guests will then enter the reception area and will be guided to choose their sparkling beverage of choice and get ready to see their couple make an entrance.

3 sparklers (non- alcoholic sparkling beverages) to choose from

You will be announced into the room: Walk in, dance in, hoot n’ holler!

A staffer will bring a sparkling beverage to the happy couple. Once your group has made toasts to the couple, our staffer will guide your entire group over your decorated table and later on to the gorgeous faux wedding cake photo opportunity area. Get your group to take pictures with your phone or theirs – make it fun - take the traditional pose of hands on the cake slicer and “pretend” to almost cut the cake. Snap lots of photos. Don’t accidentally touch the faux cake!

Pick up delicious wedding cake slices to enjoy, refresh your beverage, and relax with your group or mingle with other groups as you share the reception room with other happy couples.


All types of music will be played by an incredible Spotify playlist including many wedding favorites some slow, some fast, some familiar, some not. Some top 40, some R&B, some get you on the dance floor with big beats. We want to appeal to all wedding goers. But of course, we must have Nat King and Natalie Cole duet of "Unforgettable"

Eat cake, dance, take more phone photos!

Look at Pinterest wedding photos for great ideas of how to pose for ring pictures, bouquet photos and kissing photos. Google wedding picture shot list. You make it happen!

Take a slice of cake over to the faux cake and re-create the cake feeding photo op by placing a small piece of cake into your partners mouth and they feed you. Its so cute! NO SMASHING! It just makes a mess.

Our Gift to You

You will notice a table with a big beautiful 8x10 frames of each couple with their pronouncement portraits. Take yours as our gift to you as a reminder to tell everyone about the great time you had with Rose & Veil on your Big Day.

Ready to Depart

Let any staffer know you are ready to depart, and we will separate your party so you can make your grand exit. We provide tiny bubble makers so your guests can shower you on your way out. For something special consider using Uber Black. Your contact person can have it ready and waiting outside the door for your grand get away!

How cool is that?

A storybook wedding and fun reception with loads of pictures and a beautiful portrait.

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