No, I'm not flying to Las Vegas

No, I'm not flying to Las Vegas

When my husband and I were looking for a very inexpensive way to have a nice little wedding, we discovered the option simply did not exist. We went to multiple Justices of the Peace at county courthouses and found them to be scary—the guy next to us got arrested while we were waiting. Our plexiglass window was covered in paper notices about turning yourself in and how to post bail. It was not the romantic atmosphere we were hoping for.

Then we looked for hotels and even cruise ships, but they all started at $2,000 and then added on for nice things. We were shocked to discover that the average wedding cost in the US was $33,000, and even a micro-wedding cost an average of $15,000. It seemed like a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a single day.

We realized that the only place that offered anything close to an all-inclusive wedding for less was Las Vegas. However, we didn't want to travel that far, and we also didn't want to contribute to the wastefulness of throwing everything away and starting over for every couple.

That's when the old hippie in me said, "We can do better." We began to ponder how to make a wedding less expensive while still providing a beautiful and memorable experience. And so, Rose & Veil was born.

Our goal is to offer affordable wedding packages that provide everything couples need for their special day without the wastefulness of starting over for each couple. We believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful wedding, regardless of their budget. With Rose & Veil, couples can have a legal private wedding in a beautiful and upscale location without breaking the bank.

We are proud to offer a solution to the problem we faced, and we hope that our story inspires other couples to have the wedding of their dreams without spending a fortune.

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